Player Information

The Amherstview Jets are members of the Provincial Junior Hockey League (PJHL), a division of the Ontario Hockey Association (OHA).  As such, the Jets are also affiliated to the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF), the Hockey Development Centre for Ontario (HDCO) and Hockey Canada.

The various bodies that oversee the programs offered in our league are a guarantee to our players of both the quality and availability of the resources that must be upheld to maintain our affiliations. However, the Jets are not satisfied with meeting the requirements set forth and chose to offer our players tailored support that will make them successful on and off the ice as a part of our community.

Our organization mostly looks after three types of players:

  1. High School Student-Athletes:  Offering a solid support system to teenagers working towards completing high school, we promote local talent and develop them in preparation for the next level.
  2. Post-Secondary Student-Athletes:  With multiple outstanding post-secondary institutions around our community, including Queen’s University and St. Lawrence College to name a few, we offer our players the resources they need to focus on being successful academically, while pursuing their athletic development.
  3. Working Athletes:  A tightly-knit community that looks after its athletes is a great stepping stone to a bright future, in sport or otherwise.  Who knows, you might fall in love with the quaint little town and decide to stay!

Award-winning coaching staff, internationally recognized school opportunities, a track record of promoting players to the next level, and a solid community to support our athletes on and off the ice are only some of the reasons why the Amherstview Jets are a club of choice.  The commitment of our players to show up to all of our practices, the work ethic of the staff to support the players in all their endeavors, and an outstanding school/work-hockey-life balance are, in turn, the difference makes with other comparable programs.

For more information on becoming a Jets, please contact Mr. Denis Duchesne, General Manager.